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People consult a local chiropractor for different reasons. Some people may suffer from chronic back pain that has not responded to medication. The spinal manipulation that a chiropractor performs can often bring results within few treatment sessions. Others go to a chiropractor because more serious problems, like whiplash or scoliosis. Hence, it is difficult to say how often you or any other person would require chiropractic adjustments.

Difference in Treatment Practices and Philosophies

All chiropractors are not created equal. They have different treatment practices and philosophies that guide the way they perform adjustments. Some chiropractors treat patients, so that they return to the health they were before the problem arose. So, when your problem subsides and you feel well and healthy, such chiropractors do not expect you to return unless you develop some other problem.

There are other chiropractors that believe in preventive health care. Such chiropractors want patients to return even after the symptoms alleviate. The chiropractors may advocate coming once a week or once every few months, depending on the state of your health. And, the adjustment is done only if the patient requires it.

There are still other chiropractors who leave it to their patients to return whenever they feel they require adjustments.

These different treatment practices and philosophies make it hard to say how often you should visit your chiropractor for adjustments. You should certainly see a chiropractor though since your normal medical doctor is not going to understand exactly what is wrong with you nor is their normal solution of prescribing pills the proper course of action either.

The Gravity of Pain Makes a Difference

If you have a simple problem and the pain is not too bad, you may not require intensive treatment. However, if your condition is excruciatingly painful, you will require more treatment sessions, something like two to three adjustments each week. However, the number of adjustments is reduced depending on your symptoms.

Hence, the number of adjustments you require are always customized based on how much pain you are in and how bad your injury is. No two patients receive the same type of chiropractic care.

It is important to remember if your pain does not improve in a few weeks, the treatment is not working for you. At this point it is advisable to either change your chiropractor or consult a medical doctor. It also is important to note chiropractors use a wide range of adjustment techniques. So, you may have to try a few before you can find one who suits your health problems and ensure the best results.

The Bottom Line

Find a qualified and trained chiropractor who adapts the treatment plan based on your progress. You will not know from the outset how many treatment sessions you require. So, this is an important aspect of your treatment, which is always customized to suit your needs. There is no one size fits all and you should not make a habit of assuming too much either.

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