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Okay so this blog today is for the ladies out there who love to wear high heels. How many of you love going shopping and getting you a new pair of high heel shoes? Well we all know that those pair of heels will go great with that outfit, but have you ever thought about how bad they are for you feet, knees, and low back? As we all know high heel shoes of course raise your heels which therefore put more pressure on the front of your foot. Most of your weight is shifted forward in the lower body and the upper body compensates by shifting the weight back. The weight that is being shifted increases the curve in the lower back, which can lead to several problems.

The first problem is foot pain. The increased pressure on the front part of your foot can lead to pain itself. As you are walking in heels you may not notice that your steps are more frequent and shorter, which will then increase the number of impacts the foot takes while at the same time compromising its ability to absorb the shock. Bunions will also develop from high heels just due to the small space allowed for your toes.

Knee pain is caused from the ongoing impacts that are not absorbed well in the foot which therefore will increase the stress in the knees and knee caps.

Low back pain is caused from the position change in the low back and the increase of pressure on the posterior joints of the spine. Staying in this position uses muscles that are not normally used and can lead to muscle pain.

Here are a few side effects for wearing high heels:

1.) High heels change your posture unnaturally, and therefore increases the angle of the lower back.

2.) The higher the heel, the more pressure on the front foot. Which can lead to bruising, stress fracture, hammertoes, metatarsalgia, dropped arches, and bunions.

3.) Tightness in the calves

4.) Ankle injuries

5.) More pressure on the knees which cause joint degeneration. Also leads to osteoarthritis.

So the next pair of high heels or shoes you decide to get, make sure they are good for your feet to prevent injuries. If you are having problems with the injuries that were discussed, please give us a call at 252-756-6111! Chiropractic treatment helps by adjusting the extremities and also correcting joint dysfunction. Also we are able to do a full evaluation to see how wearing high heels has affected the rest of the body. So make sure the next time you go shopping for a new pair of shoes that they are comfortable for you and your body.

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