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This week I want to talk to you about outside activities. Getting outside and breathing in some fresh air is one of the best things that most people can do for their health. This is especially true if it means they get a bit of exercise while they are outside. Although the weather is getting a bit cooler there are still dozens of things that you can do outside. Here are just a few of them.
1. Apple Picking. October is widely known as the best month to pick apples. Getting outside and climbing some trees if you’re able is great exercise and often takes us back to when we were young and even healthier. Besides, then you get to eat the apples you pick which is always a good thing! Add some fruit to your day by going apple picking with your friends and family.
2. Pumpkin Picking. Much like apple picking, pumpkin picking is something that most people love to do in October. The great thing about going to a pumpkin patch is that often there is apple cider or other goodies to snack on. Just make sure you do that in moderation. Many patches also have other things to do such as hay rides and corn mazes for hours of entertainment.
3. Raking Leaves. While this activity isn’t quite as fun as the previous two, it is something that normally needs to be done at least once a year. The good thing about waiting until the end of the season to do this is that you can jump in the huge piles of leaves like you did as a kid! Even if you can’t jump into the mound, you’ll probably bring quite a bit of joy to the little ones in your family or maybe your pets if they like to be outside.
Although October means that the weather is cooling down for us, it doesn’t mean you need to stay inside until spring. There are tons of things that you can do in the fall that get you out of the house and active. It is always better to be out and about when it comes to your health, so come on out to Wirth Chiropractic and get a spinal adjustment in preparation for all of that raking and pumpkin lifting you are going to do soon.

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