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Even though whiplash is the most common type of auto injury, it remains undetected or untreated in most

accident cases. This is because most people fail to consult a specialist like Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC after

the accident. Accident victims are first taken to the ER where a regular physician will treat them for cuts,

bruises, bleeding, injury to organs, and broken bones. However, this doctor is not a specialist for

musculoskeletal issues, and a whiplash injury or its severity could go undetected.

Grades of Whiplash

A better term for whiplash would be CAD (Cervical Acceleration Deceleration), and chiropractors use Croft

Guidelines in diagnosing and treating these types of injuries. According to Croft Guidelines there are five

grades of whiplash depending on the severity of the injury.

Grade 1

Here the injury is minimal where there is no injury to ligaments or any neurological affectations. The victim

also does not experience any limitation to his or her range of motions.

Grade 2

In this grade, even though there is no injury to the ligaments or neurological affectations the victim is unable to

engage in certain movements, which were possible before the accident.

Grade 3

Here the injury is considered moderate and there is a slight injury to the ligaments or neurological affectation.

Grade 4

This grade categorizes moderate to severe whiplash injuries, where there could be disc derangement or fracture

along with ligament instability, limitation to the range of motion, and neurological affectation.

Grade 5

Here whiplash is quite severe and will require surgery for stabilization or management of the injury.

Why is a Chiropractor Important in Treating Whiplash?

Only a specialist like Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC will be able to correctly diagnose the grade of whiplash and

provide customized treatment accordingly. While diagnosing, the chiropractor will review your symptoms, give

you a thorough physical examination, and test your movements. He might also order further tests such as an x-

ray or scans to confirm his diagnosis.

The treatment plan will obviously depend on the grade of the injury, and the time it has taken the victim to

consult a chiropractor. In most cases, the accident victim consults a chiropractor when the symptoms have

become more severe or the painkillers prescribed by the regular doctor do not seem to be working.

Pain medication is not a treatment for whiplash since the root cause of the injury has to be detected and treated

accordingly. Depending on the severity of your injury chiropractic treatment options include adjustments,

muscle therapy, specific exercises for stretching and strengthening the affected area, and also possibly heat or

cold application.

Getting you back into shape is just as important if not more critical than getting your car back into shape. Of

course you may already have realized this.

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