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Chiropractic care is a recommended therapy for everyone: men, women, and children. Keeping one’s spine aligned is a universal concern that is important to overall health. Addressing subluxations and practicing maintenance techniques will ensure that your body is operating at its full potential.

But what about pregnant women? Can they continue chiropractic therapy, even during their pregnancy? The short answer is yes, they can continue with some minor modifications. But is it safe? What are the benefits of continuing chiropractic during pregnancy? We’ll address these and other questions below.

First, it’s important to note that chiropractic is perfectly safe. All chiropractors are specially trained to work alongside and accommodate for pregnant women. Some even specialize in prenatal care, so don’t be afraid to ask. As long as the adjustments avoid putting pressure on the woman’s abdomen, her and her baby should be fine. Even so, there may be some circumstances in which the woman’s physical health is not strong enough to withstand chiropractic. See your doctor for a professional recommendation.

So what are the benefits of chiropractic during pregnancy? What can the chiropractor do for you or a loved one? Consider the amount of stress a woman’s body is placed under during pregnancy. As the baby continues to grow and develop, her center of gravity shifts to accommodate for the extra weight. This puts even more pressure on her spine, affecting her posture and perhaps even causing acute subluxation, which only causes further pain and discomfort. Women who continue chiropractic care during pregnancy typically receive adjustments and stretches that relieve pain and other adverse symptoms.

Not only can chiropractic help the mother, but it can benefit her baby as well. It’s very easy for the body to shift out of alignment when undergoing such drastic change and development. These changes can shift the woman’s pelvis, which often makes for a more difficult birthing process. A chiropractor may help bring your body back into alignment so that your baby will have an optimal birth, making it less painful, less damaging, and less invasive.

Whether or not you continue your chiropractic treatment during pregnancy is entirely up to you. Although the positive benefits are hard to ignore, you may not feel comfortable during that process. Alternatively, if you haven’t started chiropractic care and you find yourself wanting some relief, this is the perfect time to begin! Wirth Chiropractic would love to get you started on your path to wellness. Our offices are located in Greenville, NC. Stop by and make an appointment, or give us a call today!

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