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Chiropractic treatment unfortunately often gets a bad wrap in this day and age. We hear a lot of questions and quite a few are reoccuring. Here, we will post some of those questions and their answers in an attempt to help more people understand just how much good chiropractic care can do!
1. Are Chiropractors Actually Doctors? Yes, chiropractors are licensed doctors. A common misconception is that chiropractors don’t have medical training, but this simply isn’t true. In fact, chiropractors go to medical school just like any other practicing doctor and then they go through additional training and schooling to specialize in chiropractic care.
2. Isn’t Chiropractic Care The Same As Cracking My Fingers? Not exactly, no. While chiropractic care does have a focus in aligning the joints back to the way they should be, it isn’t “just cracking joints”. In fact, cracking any joints yourself can be rather dangerous. While almost everyone cracks their fingers and is normally okay other joints, such as those in your neck and back, are much less forgiving if something goes wrong. It is important to always visit a chiropractor if you feel like something in those sensitive areas need to pop.
3. Isn’t It The Same As People Trying To Heal With Crystals? Most definitely not. Chiropractic care is a non-invasive and non-medicated way of treating pain and other disorders, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have scientific backing. While it won’t help every issue that every person has, it has been shown through centuries to help millions of people who couldn’t find relief any other way. Just because it doesn’t use many of the more conventional (and expensive) methods of treatment doesn’t mean it isn’t safe and proven effective.
4. Do You Only Crack Necks And Backs? No. While back and neck alignments are what chiropractors are best known for, they can do anything that other doctors can do. They also tend to treat injuries like those from car accidents, sports, and other traumas in all parts of the body.
While there are many more questions that we could go over, these are four of the most common. If you have additional questions, feel free to come in to Wirth Chiropractic and ask them so that we can help to put your concerns to rest. After all, you’ll definitely feel better after an adjustment so you might as well try it out!

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