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There is a lot of confusion and misinformation floating around about chiropractic care. Even trying to do your own research can be difficult and confusing due to the fact that chiropractic treatment is very polarizing in the medical community. Due to this, we have compiled a list of some of the most common questions that we hear and the answers that we would love to give to everyone who asks them.
1. Are Chiropractors Real Doctors? This is probably the most common question that we hear. For some reason there is a theory going around that chiropractors do not have a degree in medicine, but each licensed chiropractor has not only gone through the same medical schools that any other doctor has, but they then went to specialized schools past that in order to have extra training specialized in chiropractic treatment.
2. Do You Just Crack Joints? Although a large part of what we do is safely releasing air pockets from inside of joints, that isn’t all we do. Even if it was, it would be a valid treatment as it can be dangerous to crack your own joints. This is especially true of joints in your neck and back, which is what most people see a chiropractor for. However, we can also help you with diet and exercise as well as a large number of other things that your general practitioner can do.
3. Can I Bring My Kid/Elderly Family Here? Most definitely! Chiropractic care can be beneficial to people of all ages, body types, injuries, etc. You are never too young or too old for chiropractic care and in fact there have been studies done which show that our care can help babies that won’t nurse or aren’t physically developing at the same rate as some of their peers.
4. Is Chiropractic Care “Quack Science”? This is a term we see thrown around online a lot in regards to chiropractic care and it hurts every time. Although we believe that some things can be cured without surgery or medication, we practice an established form of medicine and science. There is absolutely nothing “quack” about chiropractic care.
If you still have questions about what it is that we do, give us a call or come into Wirth Chiropractic and see how much better you feel after a talk and a spinal adjustment. You may just be amazed!

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