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People always have such wonderful questions about Chiropractic care. We are often stunned, thrilled, and taken aback by the brilliance of the questions we are asked about what we do. Some of these questions we get quite often, but they are generally asked in different ways. To help both of us out, we have started to post some of these frequently asked questions on our blog. Here are some others that we get on a regular basis.
Do I Need A Referral? For most chiropractic procedures, your insurance company will not require a referral from another doctor. Always double check with your insurance company before assuming though, as each one is different. Most, however, will let you simply make an appointment and walk in.
Is Chiropractic Treatment An Ongoing Thing? While you may be able to benefit from a single visit, the fact is that we believe it should be an ongoing treatment. Our methods are very hands on and as such you will benefit more from multiple visits at regular intervals than just coming in once. This is because the muscles and joints in your body go through a lot of abuse from day to day. Between normal movements, abnormal sleeping positions, stress, tension, and other things which can cause pain, you should receive ongoing care from a chiropractor once you begin to visit.
What’s That Popping Noise When I Visit? Much like cracking your knuckles in your hand, a chiropractor is trained to release the air pockets in certain joints that you may not be able to get to yourself. This noise is the change in pressure in your joints and can help to release the gas bubbles which cause them to ache. This noise is perfectly normal and nothing to be worried about. In fact, many people feel that it offers them a sense of relief as they know the joint has been cracked when they hear that noise.
We love getting these questions, and always encourage you to ask them. By asking these questions, we know that you are taking an active role in your health and wellbeing which is something we believe every able person should do. If you have any other questions that you haven’t seen addressed, come on into Wirth and ask them yourself. We hope to see you soon!

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