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I love the fall. I have always loved the changing colors of the leaves, the slight chill in the air, and of course the discounted candy. One thing that I dislike more and more the older I get, however, is the amount of rain we seem to get around this time of the year. While I don’t mind being outside in a light mist, it rarely seems to work out that way. We recently had a span of four days where we had localized flooding each time it rained. The worst part was it rained more than four times in those four days and a good amount of the roads in my area ended up closing. Not only was this extremely inconvenient when I needed to run out for some groceries, but it was also painful.
The combination of wet and cold is never pleasant. This is especially true when it comes over an extended period of time. Often during the fall, there are weeks at a time that are simply miserable weather. As much as I love the fall when the sun is shining, it becomes one of my least favorite things when there is water falling from the sky. I always want to be outside apple picking or looking at pumpkins in a field, but if I’m going to be ankle deep in mud I don’t even want to walk outside my front door. It also isn’t fun when you can’t open your windows due to the rain or find that there is a leak somewhere and need to rush to fix it. If you’re already in some pain due to the weather, moving around a lot is the last thing that you want to do.
If you find that you are experiencing some pain that is likely weather related, come into Wirth Chiropractic. We understand just how uncomfortable this time of year can be for people with chronic conditions and it normally doesn’t get better the colder it becomes. We can help you set up a plan to deal with the aches and pains at home as well as regular appointments for chiropractic care to help combat any other issues. Just because the weather outside is miserable most days doesn’t mean you have to be. Come and get the treatment you deserve today and feel worlds better tomorrow!

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