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Going to a chiropractor can often feel like your biannual visit to the dentist’s office. Much like your teeth can stain and acquire a buildup of plaque, your spine shifts and torques with use (or lack thereof). Neither are the fault of the person. In fact, they both happen naturally over extended periods.

Both require a certain level of maintenance to keep your body running smoothly and efficiently. Just like the health of your teeth depends on how frequently you brush and floss, your spine is also affected by various factors, both internally and externally. Let’s take a look at a few of these now.

  1. First and perhaps most obviously, your chiropractic schedule will have a prominent impact on your health and the recovery of your spine. You should definitely discuss your treatment with a chiropractor and set a schedule that will provide maximal results. This is especially important near the beginning of your treatment, as new patients require frequent consistency to properly begin the correction process.
  2. Your lifestyle is another factor to keep in mind. Are you an active individual with a physically taxing job? Or do you live a more sedentary lifestyle, sitting behind a desk at an office job? Do you walk, run, swim, climb, or otherwise workout on a regular basis? These can all have significant effect on your spine. Other factors include the quality of your diet, as well as the amount of sleep you get each night.
  3. It’s no secret that our bodies’ ability to shift and adapt gradually decreases as we get older. It’s certainly not impossible, but it can make the correction and healing process more difficult. Similarly, your overall health condition can be a major factor in the recovery process when it comes to chiropractic care. Age and health often go hand in hand. Be sure to provide your chiropractor with all the necessary details so they know how best to treat you.

Like going to the dentist or the doctor’s office for a check-up, it’s most important that you keep a consistent schedule for chiropractic adjustments. Don’t wait until you’re in unbearable pain to begin treatment. While chiropractic can be about correction and recovery, it’s also about prevention. Make a choice today to put your health first, and start out on the path to full recovery. If you’re looking for a chiropractic office to call home, we would love to have you here at Wirth Chiropractic. Visit our main website and contact us to make an appointment!

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