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Spinal health is central to your overall wellbeing. If your vertebrae are misaligned or subluxated, then your body cannot operate at full capacity. The nerves that flow from your brain through your spinal cord to the rest of your body will be impeded. While maintaining overall body health and wellness is important, it should all begin with a dedication to keeping your spine aligned. Below is a list of some of the factors that directly influence spinal health.

  1. Body strength. It’s recommended that all adults engage in at least 30 minutes of daily exercise, including strength, cardio, and endurance. But core muscle strength is particularly beneficial in supporting and protecting your spine. If you are not already doing so, consider starting a consistent exercise routine and strength training regimen.
  2. Sleep position. Depending on your preferred sleeping position, you may be lying in a way that puts unnecessary strain on your spine. If you sleep on your back, make sure you have a flatter pillow that doesn’t push your neck forward. If sleeping on your side, ensure your pillow is thicker so as to hold your head perpendicular to your shoulders.
  3. How many hours per day do you sit for work? Does that chair, and your workstation in general, support your body and its unique shape and size? And how about your shoes? Do they support you when you’re on your feet? Everyone is different, and the tools we use should reflect and support these differences. Such ergonomic considerations should always be kept in mind.
  4. Your posture, whether sitting or standing, is a direct reflection of your spinal health. Maintaining a healthy spine will positivity influence your posture, and maintaining an upright posture will lead to a healthier spine. It’s a positive feedback loop that begins with the conscious decision to focus on adjusting the curvature of your spine.
  5. Chiropractic care. Chiropractic care focuses all its time and energy on correcting your spine. A vertebra out of place can cause blocked or pinched nerves. Through regular appointments and minor adjustments, chiropractors can treat subluxated vertebrae that may have been knocked out of place. Even if you’re feeling well, chiropractic adjustments can be preventative as well as prescriptive.

There are numerous factors that go into maintaining a strong, healthy spine. Living a safe and active lifestyle is a wonderful way to do this. If you’re looking for a chiropractor, Wirth Chiropractic is located in Greenville, NC. Contact us today, or drop by our office and schedule an appointment during our regular operating hours!

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