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Even for those of us who enjoy exercising every day, the winter can make us less motivated to go out and work out. It’s not hard to understand why that happens. After all, winter is cold and can be snowy and dangerous. Here are some ideas to help you stay active during the colder months this year.
1. Stretching and Yoga. Stretching and yoga are both great ways to keep your blood flowing during the winter while staying indoors. You don’t need to have a lot of room to do either of these activities so they are ideal even for people in apartments and dorm rooms. You can start off nice and easy with these two tactics before working up to something else just in time for the weather to warm up.
2. Play Outside! If you have younger family members or even just kids in the neighborhood, get up and go play with them! Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, or just run around with them. Even just a little bit of time outside can get you some exercise for the day and it’s a great way to connect with those that are near to us.
3. Fitness DVDs. If you have the space, using a fitness dvd or video off of the internet can help to keep you in shape during the winter. You won’t have to go outside and brave the cold to exercise and you can wear whatever you want to do it! The good thing about exercising at home is you can set your own rules. If you want to do it first thing in the morning, you can. If you can’t sleep, then pop in the dvd at two in the morning and work out. The gym probably isn’t open then, and this way you won’t have to wait for someone to get off the machine you want to use next.
There are tons of ways to continue exercising during the winter whether you want to go outside or not. Even just a few minutes a day is better than nothing when it comes to working out. Even though the winter can be harsh and unforgiving, you shouldn’t feel the need to hibernate. Have fun!

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