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Knee pain is common and can pop up at any time. You can experience it while running, climbing stairs, or even while simply getting up from a chair. Apart from pain, some of the symptoms may include instability while moving, swelling, weakness in the joints, or a feeling of pressure that is worrisome.

It is important to diagnose the cause of the pain and search for and obtain the right treatment, which can be done by consulting Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC. The treatment provided is safe and yet very effective, since it addresses the root cause of the issue. No placebo here, a fantastic chiropractor is your answer.

Is Chiropractic Treatment the Right Option for You?

Many things can go wrong in the knee joint, sometimes symptoms may not be severe, and you are likely to ignore the problem until it has developed into a major issue. Therefore, you should consult a chiropractor when:

  • You have been taking pills for your knee pain and they are not working or providing only temporary relief
  • You feel your knee joint is not aligned as it should be or you feel something amiss when you move
  • Your leg buckles when you walk or run
  • You feel pain in the joint when you are kneeling down
  • You feel pain in the process of sitting down or getting up from a seated or lying down position
  • You feel pain when you apply sight pressure on the joint
  • Your problem has not gone away with the prior treatment you have received or still undergoing

In most cases, knee pain will become worse with time when it remains untreated or when the right treatment is not provided. Therefore, it is important to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC as soon as you experience any of the above symptoms, especially when you are an athlete or you have a history of joint problems or other orthopedic issues.

Chiropractic Diagnosis and Treatment

Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC will conduct a thorough biomechanical and physical examination, and review your medical history in detail, which will direct you towards an accurate diagnosis of your particular issue. Without the proper diagnosis, effective treatment is not possible, and therefore it is vital to have your knee pain diagnosed by the right doctor and the right type of medical professional.

After arriving at sound and suitable diagnosis, a chiropractor will design a customized treatment plan that is most suited for your particular problem. Some of main treatment options are chiropractic manipulations, and special mobilization techniques for improving joint function and reducing pain. Other treatment avenues to walk down include soft tissue massage, special exercises, trigger point therapy, and ultrasound.

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