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One of the scariest things about driving is contending with the other people on the road. It can be concerning under the best of circumstances, but when another driver may be drunk it can turn deadly. While this is obviously more common around holidays and on the weekends, it can happen at any time and should always be a consideration while you are out and about. Drinking and driving, although highly illegal, does still occur and it is up to all of us to always make the conscious decision to avoid doing it ourselves in order to reduce the risk of accident and injury.
A large amount of us have been directly or indirectly affected by the repercussions of drunk driving. Whether you were in an accident yourself or know someone who was, chances are that you have some sort of connection to the issue. You may even know someone who was killed due to someone’s decision to get behind the wheel while inebriated. While those of us here at Wirth hope that you haven’t had to experience this, we know that statistically it is all too common. That is why we want to remind you of the importance of doing all you can to prevent it from happening.
You often hear about drunk drivers who get into accidents walking away with minimal injuries while any others involved are severely hurt. There are some scientific reasons for this, however it often doesn’t seem fair. It is important to remember that even when there may not seem to be physical pain initially, car crashes can result in injuries that surface later down the road. This means that no matter what your role may have been in a crash involving alcohol, you will likely have pain that needs to be dealt with in the future.
If you were hurt in a drunk driving accident, call Wirth today. Our team can help you with non-invasive and drug free pain management techniques for your whole body. While chiropractors may have a reputation for working on necks and backs, we can do so much more than just that. If you were injured, we can help you with whatever may be bothering you. You only need to be ready to get rid of the pain. Who knows, you may even feel better than you did before the accident. Give us a call and schedule your first appointment today!

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