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Going for a drive can be a very relaxing experience. It can be a time for introspection and problem solving as you watch the world flash by outside of the car. If there is nothing but you, the open road, and some good music, it can do wonders for your stress level and your clarity. Even if you always return to where you started, you may return with a new outlook on your current situation. Although it often has a different end result, driving with some friends can also be great. It does, however, offer its own unique challenges.
When you have even just one other person in the car with you, things change. Even if that person is asleep the whole trip, you will generally be a little more careful if you have a passenger. It can seem like a small difference, and it is always better to be a safer driver, but it can throw off your normal driving groove. This is even more accurate when your passenger is awake and able to talk to you. Having company is often a good thing, but it can also be distracting. Driving is one of those tasks that seems safe and routine until something suddenly happens to make you realize otherwise.
Even though you want to have a good time with your friends, it is important to remember that while you’re driving is not the time to be reckless or distracted. It may be tempting to blast music and sing as loud as you can while you drive around, but you never want to be caught off guard while you’re behind the wheel. Obviously you don’t have to drive in silence, but make sure that you remain aware of what’s happening on the road around you as you chat and sing along to the radio.
If you end up in a crash while you have someone else in the car, give Wirth Chiropractic a call. We can help everyone impacted by the accident and can even reduce your pain without medications. We know how scary a car crash can be, but you don’t have to go through the recovery alone. Work with your doctor and see what they think the best course of action is to help you get back to your pre-accident activity and pain levels. Call us today and see how much we can help you!

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