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Spring is here, and that means we see a lot of rain. Rain brings blossoming flowers and vibrant greenery. It can be relaxing, or can dampen your mood. But one thing is for sure, it doesn’t make for ideal driving conditions. Heavy rainfall hinders vision (not to mention the droplets on the windshield) and makes the asphalt slippery, making it harder to stop. It always seems like people drive either way too fast for the wet conditions or far too slow, which poses its own threats. Getting a smooth and uneventful drive in the rain often seems like a miracle, and it is unfortunately common to see an uptick in the amount of car crashes when the weather is less than ideal. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to help reduce your risk of injury.

One of the best things that you can do to keep yourself safe while driving in the rain is turning on your headlights. Most states, including North Carolina, have a law stating that if your wipers are on, your lights must be as well. This can help other drivers on the road see you so that they aren’t pulling out in front of you or merging into your lane. Also, it is important to go a responsible speed and make sure to leave ample space between your car and the one you’re trailing. If there were to be a reason to put on the breaks, you’ll have more time to slow down. Use your turn signals earlier than usual so that the other drivers on the road know what to expect from you. It can also be a good idea to wait a second or two when the stop light ahead of you turns green; there could be drivers increasing their speed to get through the light, and this could cause more serious injury.

If you were injured in a car accident, call Wirth Chiropractic today. We can help you with your pain levels, even if they are the result of old injuries that may not have healed correctly. We know how much a car crash can sideline you, but we are certain we can get you back to feeling great in no time!

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