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Most ankle injuries are due to ankle ligaments stretching beyond their natural capacity. This is usually the case in auto accidents when an external force twists the ankle or when the foot slips from the pedal. A sprained ligament is a soft tissue injury requiring specialist care, and therefore consulting Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC would be the best avenue for you to take.

A Medical Doctor’s Knowledge is not Infinite

You know you have sustained an ankle injury because you will experience pain or the area will be swollen. After the accident, you are usually rushed to the ER where a general physician will examine you for cuts, bleeding, injury to organs, and fractures.

However, a general doctor may not be the right choice for treating soft tissue injuries as already indicated, especially ankle injuries and whiplash trauma that are most common in auto accident. Such a doctor will prescribe pain medication, which will provide symptomatic relief for some time. However, such medication may not heal the injured tendon completely, even when you do not experience any more pain. Taking pain medication only masks the pain, it does not treat the injury that may increase in severity if you ignore it.

Eventually, you will not be able to ignore it because your movements will be inhibited and other people will notice. It will also undermine your quality of life.

The Right Person to See

Incomplete healing of the ankle can be very dangerous, as major complications can develop in time, which will lead to chronic pain and instability which has already been insinuated above. Based on this reasoning, you need to consult Wirth Chiropractor in Greenville, NC to treat your ankle auto injury fully. Diagnosing soft tissue injuries is a specialty of chiropractors, and such specialists are qualified to prescribe the most effective treatment plan for such injuries. Chiropractic treatment will not only take care of the pain, but also heal the injury fully, making sure you do not suffer from any future complications.

Chiropractors Work Wonders

Ankles are vital joints because they bear almost the whole weight of your body. This means if your ankle is injured you will not be able to put weight on that foot without experiencing pain, and this can certainly limit your activity levels. Secondly, if your ankle injury is not treated properly, your joint can become weak and your leg might buckle under your own body weight.

Such instability is a chronic issue, which might lead to some permanent disability. Therefore, if you have injured your ankle in an auto accident, you need to take this injury seriously and consult a specialist such as Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC. Such a doctor will not only diagnose the level of your ankle injury correctly, but also prescribe a customized treatment plan that is highly effective for full a recovery. This will ensure little to no risk of future complications or issues with your ankle joints.    

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