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The ankle is a vulnerable joint, so you need to be careful when it is injured in an auto accident. The most common injury to the ankle is a sprain, which is actually an injury to the ligaments or tendons in the joint. Depending on the severity of the auto injury and the resulting symptoms, the sprain is graded as Grade 1, Grade 2, or a Grade 3 sprain. Ankle sprains of Grade 1 and 2 types can be treated by physical therapy provided by Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, whereas Grade 3 sprains are more severe and might need surgery.

The Ankle

In an auto accident, there is an abnormal amount of stretching force acting on the ankle, which causes the sprain. The ankle consists of three main bones that are connected together with ligaments and tendons. The injury caused by the auto accident usually sprains the ligament that connects the fibula and talus bones, which is the front and outside area of the joint.

Common Accident Results

The accident can also cause the foot to turn or invert violently, which causes the injury by spraining the ankle ligaments. In most cases, the symptoms of a sprained ankle are redness in the area, swelling, and pain. It is important to seek Wirth Chiropractic care in Greenville, NC, when you are suffering these symptoms, especially after an auto accident. Neglecting such an injury can result in chronic pain, and chronic instability of the joint.

Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC will thoroughly examine your ankle, to determine the type and extent of your injury, and then provide a suitable treatment plan. Chiropractic treatment will usually include physical therapy, application of ice, and rehabilitative exercises and movements. It is better to seek a place where comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation program is provided at a single location, as the patient needs to make minimal movements and take a lot of rest during the treatment period.

The Smart Move to Make

Sprains and other soft tissue injuries to the ankle joint should be treated by a chiropractor, since this doctor is not only qualified, but also an expert at treating these types of injuries. After the accident the general physician attending to your injuries in the ER, might only prescribe painkillers and analgesic medications to bring the swelling and pain down. However, for correctly diagnosing the extent of injury and for receiving effective treatment it is important to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC.

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