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This week, I really want to talk to you about your diet. Now don’t worry, I’m not going to say that you need to change your weight at all. I just want to make sure that you’re eating in a healthy way! You see, chiropractors aren’t good just to crack some of your joints and send you back home. Although not everyone knows this, chiropractors can help you in other aspects of your life as well, since they have gone through medical school just like any other doctor you may visit. Here are a few of the things that you really should focus on in regards to what you’re eating.
Fruits and Veggies. You knew that this was going to be the first thing that I listed. I know that not everyone enjoys these foods and that they can be unfortunately expensive, but they really are super important to get. We often get patients asking us if drinking a bunch of V8 or similar drinks is okay as a substitution to eating these helpings and although they are better than nothing, it really isn’t ideal. If you can get the proper amount of fruits and veggies into your body through eating them, then you will already be in better shape than most.
Meats. If you are not a vegetarian or vegan, then you likely consume meat. Don’t worry, we aren’t here to tell you to stop. That is between you, your doctor, and your feelings. However, we also want to remind you that a diet of nothing but meat is not healthy either. You need to include balance in your meal planning and too much meat, especially red meat, is not good for your system. Try different ways of getting protein every now and then to see how you’ll feel.
Dairy. While some people cannot consume dairy for health reasons, and others don’t due to personal beliefs, there is nothing wrong with having an extra glass of milk in the morning if you want it. Having dairy in your diet is something that you may want to talk to your doctor or us about to see if you are getting an appropriate amount. Just be careful about how much cheese you eat. Come into Wirth Chiropractic today and let us know if you think your diet may have anything to do with how you feel from day to day.

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