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Many people have questions about chiropractic care before going. It’s only natural, you want to know all you can about what someone is doing in regards to your health. It’s better to be heavily informed than not informed at all, so here are some frequently asked questions about chiropractors:
1. What do chiropractors do? Chiropractors are doctors who believe in hands-on, drug-free treatment options for pain and injury with a focus on the musculoskeletal system. This means they help to ease pain in joints, muscles, and ligaments. Most of this relief is achieved through spinal manipulation, also known as a chiropractic adjustment. They do go to medical school just like other doctors and must be certified to have a legal practice.
2. Is chiropractic care safe? Chiropractic care is widely regarded as one of the safest health practices in existence. It is completely drug free and is non-invasive, so any side effects from chiropractic care are very minimal and most people feel nothing but relief after receiving care from a chiropractic doctor.
3. How old do you have to be to receive chiropractic care? People of any age can receive care from a chiropractor. Children are often active and, especially those who play sports, may become injured from things such as falls. Chiropractic care is modified for each patient and this is no different when a doctor is caring for a child. The treatment will be much more gentle with a young person, as chiropractors understand the importance of a solid musculoskeletal system for correct and uninhibited growth.
4. Will my insurance cover this? Very often, insurance companies do cover chiropractic care. Most of the larger companies understand the importance and good that chiropractic care can do and so they want their patients to have access to this procedure. Always double check with your insurance company first, however, to see if you are covered or if you have a co-pay with the visit.
5. If I can crack my joints, why do I need to go to a chiropractor? It is mildly similar, however chiropractors go to school for years to perfect the movements with which to effectively “crack your joints”. The chiropractor also will be able to get to some joints which you likely can’t, and those are often the ones that cause the most pain.
Any questions you may have can normally be answered by researching the topic or by calling a chiropractic office. Give Wirth Chiropractic a call and come in for a consultation if you still have questions!

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