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As a proud sponsor of the East Carolina University athletics program, Wirth Chiropractic sees plenty of sports-related injuries and physical trauma. Soccer, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, and other similarly demanding sports can take a toll on the body. Not only is football one of the most popular sports among fans and athletes, it can also be the most risky. Contact sports have a much higher chance of resulting in injury, no matter how well-protected the players are.

Fortunately, chiropractic is perfect for recovery and maintenance. Therapies used by a chiropractor can help athletes reduce pain, speed up the healing process, and even increase mobility and performance. Read on for a breakdown of the most common football injuries, followed by a brief summary of the benefits of chiropractic.

  • Sprains & Strains. A sprain has been defined as the partial or complete tearing of a ligament that holds the bones and joints together. This may occur when the body part is stretched beyond its limits, such as a rolled ankle or a bent wrist. Strain is a form of overexertion that occurs when your muscles take on more than they can handle, resulting in injury and pain.
  • Fractured Bones. Bones are quite strong, but even they can crack under severe pressure. The collarbone, the ribs, and especially the bones in your legs are vulnerable to the harmful results of impact.
  • Dislocated Joints. High-impact sports like football often involve leading with your shoulders, elbows, or knees to brace for collision with the ground or another player. This can cause the joints in these areas to move and shift out of alignment.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury. A severe blow to the head, even with a helmet on, can lead to a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Concussions, contusions, and even skull fracture are just a few examples of the most common TBIs. Though it may not be obvious at first, symptoms include headaches, nausea, dizziness, light sensitivity, and blurred vision.

Chiropractors have a number of techniques up their sleeves, but every one revolves around the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Rather than introducing medication to stop the pain or promote healing, a chiropractor performs therapies and adjustments that augment the natural process. They can reduce pain from TBIs or broken bones, help put dislocated joints back in place, and strengthen muscles and improve mobility.

So whether you’re an active member of ECU’s athletic program or a casual fan and sports enthusiast, you can find relief from sports injuries. Our team here at Wirth Chiropractic would be glad to meet with you and provide a free initial consultation. Get in touch with us today!