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With the weather turning colder, many of us are beginning to feel more and more stress as the year wraps up to a close. Some of us have had wonderful years while others may have had years that make it seem like nothing could get worse. We sincerely hope that all of you have had better years, but we also understand that not every year can be a good one. We extend our deepest sympathies if you have had a poor year so far, but would also like to remind you that it is not over yet. In these last two months, things may begin to look up for you and we hope that they will.
If you consistently feel a sadness or depressive state around this time each year, we want to urge you to speak with someone. Seasonal depression is a concern for many of us and can affect anyone regardless of age or status. However, in the meantime perhaps you can try a few different techniques for handling stress that have been shown to help others.
The first thing that you can try is exercise. Even simple movements can help to release endorphins and make you feel better. Also, performing simple actions like stretching can help keep yourself warm by moving your muscles. This also helps to keep yourself loose and limber as the weather becomes colder and we tend to curl more into ourselves against the temperature.
The second thing to try is to get good and restorative sleep. While this may seem easier said than done for many of us, it really is something that needs to be a focus for you. Sleep helps to heal your body and with cold and flu season starting up, sleep can help boost your immune system and prevent you from catching those nasty germs that may otherwise invade your body.
The final thing to remember and try is to enjoy yourself. You have just hit a new personal record for consecutive days alive and that’s something to celebrate! Although things may be stressful and hectic and crazy, remember that you are an incredible person through and through and you deserve to be happy and pain free. If this means treating yourself in some way, then go ahead and treat yourself! Just be careful not to overindulge. Come in to Wirth Chiropractic and get a spinal adjustment so you can feel refreshed and ready to face whatever may come.

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