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Having a long winter is one of the worst things that can happen which humans have no control over in my opinion. I absolutely love winter if I’m looking at it in a picture, but anything else is physically painful. Right now, I have two feet of snow outside my door and it is still falling. Let me tell you, my joints have been screaming for the past three days and today I hardly want to move. For this reason, I’ve come up with a few ideas that can help you get through these long winters if you feel like I do about them.
First, having something warm to drink is essential. I personally prefer hot chocolate at this time of the year, but coffee or apple cider is perfectly fine. Sometimes I like to experiment with my hot chocolate and figure out what tastes really well in it, so sometimes I’ll melt a candy cane or put some adult beverage in it as well. It really does help to relax you, so give it a try on one of these really cold nights.
Another thing that I always do is take a nice, warm shower or bath. Being able to relax in the warmth is wonderful and can really help to ease those aches and pains that you get from the weather outside. If I don’t have access to warm water or electricity by extension, I have found that having hand warmers placed on the particularly painful areas can really help relax the muscles, so you might want to give that a try too.
If you still have electricity, then having some calming music or a gentle movie on can really help as well. I can get a little stir crazy, so having something that relaxes me even when I’m just sitting on the couch is really beneficial. It’s certainly better than having to watch out the window as the snow piles up to a ridiculous height.
Finally, it normally helps to remember that even though the winter may feel long, it won’t last forever. After all, it is already March right now and hopefully this will be the last substantial snowfall that we will see this year. Just remember when you’re wishing for winter in a few months that it could always be worse.

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