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Oh yes, winter is finally upon us. Although there hasn’t been any snow in my area yet, many other people have been experiencing it. Just because there hasn’t been any snow doesn’t mean that the cold and the damp hasn’t begun to take a toll on you, though. Personally, as I am writing this, my left hand is hurting because of the temperature change. Maybe something has begun to hurt you more over the past few weeks. It isn’t uncommon as winter progresses to feel more pain than you do during the warmer months. In fact, more people are finding that they experience the same joint pain as the rest of us.
This pain that occurs during the changing of the seasons is one that people have complained about for centuries. It normally occurs in the hands and feet, and any other spots where circulation is lower than the center of the body. If you naturally have poor circulation or if you have a chronic disorder such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, the cold weather will likely affect you more as well. I know, as if you didn’t already have enough problems, right?
The change in moisture in the air before rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow, or ice can also cause discomfort. For those of us who are used to being able to use our joints as a forecast for precipitation may find this ability skewed or completely unreliable during the winter because there is often the chance in the air. Even if you are in an area that doesn’t receive a lot of rain or snow fall, the cold can also cause this inability to accurately predict when the weather will change. Winter is just about the only time I have to check the weather channel each morning to see what the day has in store.
Many people suggest the use of a fireplace if you have one to get the damp and cold out of the house. If this isn’t a possibility, the use of a heating pad or even a sock with uncooked microwaved rice can help. Stretching has also been shown to relieve some of the pain that weather changes and winter can bring. Come on into Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville and see just how much an adjustment can help you combat the aches that are experienced around this time of year!

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