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When it is cold outside, we tend to look for comfort food. Things that are loaded with carbs and other unhealthy things are often the order of the day. My personal downfall is macaroni and cheese, but all kinds of pasta really take a close second. Even though I know it isn’t good for me to eat too much of it, I tend to find myself chowing down like crazy during the winter and then wondering why I’m starting to look like a polar bear. Here are some ideas of healthier foods that you can make during the winter months.
One of my childhood staples during the winter was always kale soup. My mother would take a 20 gallon pot, which I always remember being almost as big as me at that age, and boiling kale, carrots, potatoes, and whatever other vegetables she could find with some onions and garlic and that seemed to be almost all we ate throughout the entire winter. There are dozens of different recipes that you can find online until you see the one you like the most.
Another thing that I have recently noticed is how popular cauliflower has become for vegetarian and vegan alternatives to meat. My cousin is a vegetarian and brought a great dish over during the holidays that was one of the yummiest things. She stuffed a whole head of cauliflower with kale and chestnuts (although you can likely use whatever you like best) and then roasted the entire thing until it was a yellowish brown. Cutting into it smelled divine and the whole thing was gone before the end of the night!
My personal favorite dish for the winter that can be passed as healthy is a basic chicken and rice. I like to marinate my chicken in some bourbon teriyaki sauce along with some garlic and whatever else sounds good that day and serve it over some plain white rice. It’s a super easy dish that can be dressed up easily with just a few changes, but it always seems to fill you and hit the spot.
If you are wondering about other healthy foods that you can make during the winter to warm you up, then come into Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville NC and we can draw up a diet plan for you. You never know what you might find that you like!

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