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Whether you are an amateur or professional runner, you already know running injuries can be debilitating. Once you realize the soreness you are experiencing is actually pain, you may visit an orthopedic specialist to find the cause of the pain.

The doctor may suggest rehabilitation or surgery, depending on the extent of the injury. However, many runners end up hitting a plateau with their treatment and this makes them wonder whether they will be able to run again. Thankfully, this does not have to happen to you since you can seek chiropractic care to heal your injury.

Popularity Chiropractic Care for Running Injuries

While physical therapy usually is the first treatment option for running injuries, today, many runners and athletes are turning to chiropractic treatment. Physical therapy concentrates on coordination and strengthening of joints, but chiropractic care improves joint mobility, thereby ensuring all joints function properly.

Today, reputable and trained chiropractors can help runners by not just improving joint mobility, but also helping repair soft tissue damage. Hence, this aids quicker healing and allows the runner to get back to the sport without hindrance.

Chiropractic Treatment Options

Trained and qualified chiropractors study the bio-mechanics of the patient. This careful analysis allows them to ensure the joints are moving in total harmony with the soft tissue. The bio-mechanic analysis will involve the following aspects:

ü  The appearance of the foot arch

ü  How the runner is moving

ü  How the runner stands

ü  Whether the knees are properly aligned

ü  What is the alignment of the hip

Based on this evaluation, the chiropractor then customizes a treatment plan for the runner. Each plan is designed to heal the body. Some of the treatment plans that the chiropractor may opt for include the following:

vGraston Technique: This particular treatment plan is used to heal and breakdown scar tissue adhesion. It is best used when the scar tissue is located on the surface of the skin.

vActive Release Technique: This chiropractic therapy involves putting the affected joint through a range of motions, stretching and massaging. It is used to treat adhesions located deep inside the muscle.

vElectrical Muscle Stimulation: Here, the surface muscles are stimulated with a mild electrical charge. It helps release tension from the muscles, so that they can function normally. Usually, this chiropractic treatment is combined with other treatments for best results.

vFunctional Dry Needling: When the tension in the muscles is situated deep inside, it is stimulated with this technique to ease the tension. Usually, it is used for injuries related to psoas muscle, which is an important muscle for runner and is located in the hip region.

Besides these treatment options, the chiropractor will also perform spinal manipulation and offer nutritional counseling. Be sure to follow the chiropractor’s advice if you want to resume running without experiencing an iota of debilitating pain.

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