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Your spinal column is a stack of vertebra bones that have discs between them to provide support and cushioning. These discs are made of a tough outer layer with a gelatin-like center. When the outer layer cracks, the inside material will bulge out causing the condition of a herniated disc.

A number of factors can cause undue stress, which can result in a crack of outer surface of the disc. Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC can provide expert treatment for symptoms and pain caused by herniated disc.

During the first consultation, a chiropractor will try to find out through different neurological and orthopedic exams:

      If your reflexes are intact

      If your muscles are starting to waste away or you have lost strength in your muscles

      If you have lost sensation along a nerve’s path

Chiropractor will check your posture, evaluate your spinal column, and may order MRI or x-rays to confirm your diagnosis. One affected spinal area can cause pain and other symptoms to other spinal or body parts. For instance, if you are suffering from lower back pain, the chiropractor might conduct a thorough checkup of your neck as well.

Not just One Professional

The thorough examination will reveal the disc injury, and depending on the type and severity of the herniation, a chiropractor will formulate a customized treatment plan to address your particular symptoms. Most types of herniated disc problems can be treated by a chiropractor. However, if you have lost bladder or bowel control, or your reflexes, sensations, and muscle strength is severely affected, you will have to consult a spinal surgeon and other medical experts.

Here are certain effective chiropractic techniques used for treating herniated discs:



This technique involves gentle stretching and flexing of the spine using a special table. The chiropractor uses a pumping rhythm to flex the affected areas. With this technique, the nerve can be moved away from the bulging disc, thus reducing inflammation and associated pain. A series of sessions may be needed to make a difference in the condition, and this technique is usually used along with other treatments and physiotherapy.

Pelvic Blocking


In this technique, Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC places cushioned wedges under both side of the pelvis. Certain movements might also be exercises with the objective of moving the disc away from the nerve.

A chiropractor does not offer a magic fix for a herniated disc; however, these low-force treatments are effective in reducing any symptoms. If there is not any improvement, a chiropractor will recommend a spinal surgeon for exploring any plausible surgical possibilities.

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