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Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, injury can occur at any time. Typically, an athletic injury occurs when you already have a problem. The pain usually will develop later than the injury.

It is important to remember your body is prone to injuries when you are competing in high octane and team sports. And, when the injured part is exposed to repeated stresses, pain develops. If the injury occurs in the upper section of your body, it could reduce the movement of your spinal joints. This, in turn, could adversely affect your nerves and muscles.

Common Sports Injuries

You could experience on-off injury or end up with niggles, which could then lead to a chronic injury or condition. Some of the common injuries that amateur and professional athletes experience are:


    Lower back pain

    Hamstring strain

    Calf strain

    Achilles tendon injuries

    Groin sprain or strain

    Thigh sprain or strain

    Neck pain

    Pain in the shoulders


Sport injuries doesn’t only result in pain and discomfort, they also can reduce your performance or stop you completely from participating in the sport.

Seeking the Right Treatment

Most athletes find chiropractic treatment is extremely effective in speeding recovering and improving performance after recovery. Trained and licensed chiropractors make sure with spinal manipulation, your body functions optimally and this, in turn, prevents further injuries from occurring.

When you visit Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, you will first have to undergo a regular orthopedic examination also with certain neurological tests to diagnose the source of the pain. If necessary, your chiropractor will also make use of imaging techniques, such as x-rays, to determine whether you have a fracture or other bone disorder. Thereafter, a customized treatment plan will be formulated.

The treatment usually involves spinal manipulation along with physical therapy to help the affected part of the body regain normal mobility. This also helps strengthen supporting tissues, such as ligaments, muscles and tendons. In addition, the chiropractor may advise nutritional recommendations.

Exercise and Entertainment Intertwined

Once your injury heals, your association with the chiropractor doesn’t end. He will offer you strategies to exercise and stretch properly, so that you do not sustain further injuries. It is up to you do engage in this activity to prevent further injury and to remain healthier. You can do this when you are watching The Good Wife, 24, The Wire, Transformers, Blackhat, or any other quality programming. You can stretch your muscles when you are watching something useful as just mentioned – this means you are doing two things at once and spending your time in a constructive manner.  

So when it comes to sports injuries, consult a chiropractor immediately. Your body will thank you and you will increase your chances of getting through the season without missing any games or matches. With the right treatment plan, you will be back to enjoying your chosen sport and helping out your team. You can do this as well without missing that much time and without worrying about worsening your injury or picking up a new one.

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