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Pregnant women go through a lot. Let’s face it, nine months of carrying a tiny human around inside of you can, and does, take quite a toll on the body under the best of circumstances. Even women who have almost textbook pregnancies have pains, especially in their legs and back. It’s not surprising when you think about how much weight a woman generally puts on between the growth of their breasts to breastfeed and the fetus inside of them. Although the thought might be worrying at first, many people turn to chiropractic care during pregnancy and feel much better because of it!
Some chiropractors take a special interest in caring for those who are pregnant and those who are post-natal. There are special courses which a chiropractor can take that focus specifically on the extra attention that a human body going through pregnancy needs. For example, if a chiropractor is Webster Certified, that means they are specially trained in making sure the pelvic bone is aligned with the rest of the body which can aide in delivery and ease of pain during pregnancy. Very often they will also show you stretches and exercises that can help you during pregnancy that are safe for both you and the baby.
With all the changes that occur within the body during pregnancy, it’s no surprise that the posture or back can change form as well. A trained chiropractor can help put these back into place and again, realign the pelvic bone. This helps to lessen the possibility of a balance issue which may result in less room for the fetus and, if left untreated, may prevent the child from breaching. This can result in the need for a C-section and may be an emergency situation. Pregnancy is stressful enough without having to worry about a misaligned pelvis.
While pregnant, always double check with your chiropractor if they specialize in this type of work. Every doctor must go through basic training in the event of a pregnancy, however some do go through extra schooling to focus on this in the same way some chiropractors focus on children or sports injuries. If you or someone you know is pregnant, bring up chiropractic therapy to them and see if it is something they may be interested in.

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