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Interesting statistics:

Dr. Ian Coulter a leading chiropractor from the famous Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College extensively researched the many benefits of chiropractic care and exercise. He went on to publish the findings of his study in a Journal in 1996. These were a few of the many key points that went into the journal:

  • Nearly 44% of those who opted for chiropractic care reported having reduced arthritic symptoms when compared with 66% in the non-chiropractic care group.
  • Those who underwent chiropractic care were able to endure strenuous levels of exercise.
  • At a medical follow-up, less than 5% of those who underwent chiropractic care lived independently while a whopping 48% of those who did not try chiropractic care wound up living in a nursing home.
  • A medical check after 3 years of chiropractic care, less than 26% of those who flipped the switch for chiropractic care were hospitalized when compared to 48% of those who never tried chiropractic care.

“There is absolutely no need for seniors to suffer needlessly and endlessly.” Studies suggest that chiropractic care renders amazing health benefits and has an impressive record of both safety and effectiveness.

Today, most of people head out to an allopathic doctor who prescribes a list of medications to gulp down. Very few people are aware of the health benefits that are possible through regular chiropractic visits. Listed below are a few of the many health benefits that chiropractic care provides for the elderly.

1. Pain Relief

Chiropractic care has been doing the rounds since time immemorial. It is beginning to gain immense popularity and for good reason. Those who have tried chiropractic care, vouch that it is one of the most effective and safest possible forms of health care available to treat pain and discomfort due to spinal cord related ailments. While anti-inflammatory medication merely mask the symptoms and have dozens of undesirable side effects, chiropractic care is safe and does not involve gulping down prescription medications.

It also helps improve the range of motion of the spine and also the extremities. An elderly will be easily able to bend and pick up his grandchild or walk an extra 30 yards without complaining of pain and discomfort in his joints.

2. Increased Balance and Coordination

The elderly, particularly suffer from issues stemming from lack of balance and coordination. Many of them may not be able to step out without help or even get past daily chores. This is a result of degenerative changes in the cervical spine.

Studies suggest that chiropractic care can help in restoring the balance and coordination of the body by stimulating the joint receptors in the cervical spine. Chiropractic adjustment or stimulation helps restore normal joint receptor functioning which in turn improves both balance and coordination.

3. Increased Health and Well-Being

Patients undergoing chiropractic care feel healthy and cheerful. Chiropractic care is more than just mere pain relief. It helps the elderly feel good and look forward to each new day with vigor. Studies suggest that regular chiropractic care not just reduces spinal degeneration and arthritic changes, but also increases quality of life!

4. Decreased Incidence of Falling

Injuries due to falling is very common in the aging population. Chiropractors reduce the risk of falls by normalizing the receptors in the cervical spine through gentle chiropractic adjustments. They also teach the elderly simple stretching exercises that help increase strength, mobility, balance, flexibility, and coordination.

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