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Ankle sprains are quite common; however, they may not always be minor injuries. People who keep getting their ankle sprained might develop long-term joint weakness and pain. Therefore, treatment should always be sought from a specialist like a Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, for ankle sprains. Ankle sprains usually occur when the person plants his foot and makes a quick shifting movement.

Not just Athletes

Basketball is notorious for ankle sprains since these types of movements are common place in this sport. This is because you may be trying to defeat your opponent and to do this you have to make moves this sharp. On defense, in order to remain in front of your opponent, you will have to make movements this quickly as well. But it is not just athletes who need to make a rapid motion like this using their ankles. You may have to get out the way of someone pushing their cart through a grocery store aisle for example.

This usually happens in auto accidents or while playing sports like soccer or basketball as already mentioned. Due to this movement, the foot will turn inwards, while the ankle joint turns outwards, or vice versa. In such instances, the ligaments on the outside or inside of the ankle joint will be stretched beyond their normal level, and they can even tear.

The level of damage to the ligament will define the severity of the ankle sprain. In a mild sprain, the ankle joint might appear swollen, stiff, and tender, but the person will be able to walk without much pain. If the sprain is more serious, the ankle will appear bruised and tender, and the person will have considerable pain. In more severe sprain the pain is intense and the ankle will buckle under the weight of the body, and the person will not be able to walk at all.

You can have Both

Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC will first diagnose your sprain by asking how the injury occurred, and whether you have sprained your ankle before. He will conduct a thorough physical examination of your ankle, foot, lower leg, and he could go all the way up to the knee. If pain is severe, an x-ray is usually taken for ruling out fractures in the foot or ankle joint. It is also possible to have an ankle sprain and a fracture.

It is pivotal to seek chiropractic care and treatment for ankle sprains, and to tackle the prescribed rehabilitation exercises. When ankle sprain does not heal in the right way, the joint can become unstable, and the person can end up with chronic pain. If the exercises are not done, the ankle can become weak, and remain more susceptible to further injuries.

The weakness in the ankle can cause the joint to buckle under stress, person might suffer much more severe sprain than before, and he could even end up with a torn ligament. Based on this information, if you sprained your ankle before, consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC before starting any new fitness regimen, playing in some sort of athletic game or league, or even engaging in heavy household duties.

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