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Apart from whiplash trauma, ankle injury is another common injury in many auto accidents. Therefore, consulting Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC is a prudent avenue to take after receiving treatment in the ER. Do not take an ankle injury lightly, as it can turn into a serious condition if you do not receive timely treatment from a doctor who is a specialist in treating soft tissue injuries.

Usually, people are prompted to consult a doctor when they are in pain or when they are unable to move their ankle. However, you should not ignore the following symptoms as well:

  • Your ankle appears red
  • There is a popping sound when you move your ankle
  • You feel numbness in the ankle area or around it
  • Your leg buckles when you put the full weight of your body on the injured ankle

Not a Factor to Ignore

After an auto accident, you will usually be rushed to the ER where a regular doctor will examine your injuries. Except for bleeding and fractures, the regular doctor is not an expert at treating soft tissue injuries. He will most probably prescribe analgesic medication for bringing down the pain and inflammation. However, this is a temporary solution to deal with pain and it does not address the soft tissue injury to your ankle.

This Problem will not Go Away on its Own

Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC will not only correctly diagnose the type and extent of your ankle injury, but he will also be able to prescribe the best treatment plan most suitable for a quick and complete recovery. If proper chiropractic treatment is not provided in time, ankle injuries can deteriorate into severe problems later, which can even cause permanent disability or chronic pain.

A chiropractor will not only give you a thorough physical examination, but also consider your medical history and take into account any orthopedic issues that you might be having while formulating your treatment plan. For complete recovery from an ankle injury, it is also important to have an effective rehabilitation program apart from the treatment, which Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC will be able to provide. Rehabilitation plan will greatly help you in regaining the full range of motion of your ankle and for avoiding complications later.

You want a full recovery and you want to be able to mow your own lawn again, walk up steps without feeling any pain, play soccer with your child, and help your wife carry in the groceries without depending on her to cover this task for the family.

No Time for Assumptions

Even in a minor auto accident, your foot can slip off the pedal and cause a major ankle injury that can certainly make every day longer for you. Do not rely only on pain as a symptom to consult a chiropractor, since you will not know the extent of your injury until your ankle has been examined by a chiropractic specialist.

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