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When a person suffers an auto injury such as whiplash, they are most likely to experience pain in their back and neck. This happens when the musculoskeletal system of the person is whipped out of proper alignment due to the force of an auto accident. But with outstanding chiropractic care, the harmful effects of whiplash may be minimized.

How Whiplash Occurs

When the force of a rear-impact accident causes a person’s cervical spine to whip backwards or forwards, a whiplash injury might occur. This abrupt movement strains the muscles in the neck, leading to stiffness, pain and soreness, and also knocks the spine out of alignment.

Symptoms of an Accident Injury

An accident injury could cause several symptoms in a persona such as neck and back pain, shoulder pain, migraines, headaches, weakness in limbs, sleep disturbances, dizziness, blurred vision, and forgetfulness to name a few. 

Medication for Whiplash Injury

Usually, medication is administered to the victim of a whiplash injury so as to ease their pain. This medication takes the form of prescription pain killers, which can be quite effective in providing immediate, but short-term relief to patients. These drugs however, do not work as a long term solution. In addition to that, medication isn’t able to assist patients in regaining mobility after a spinal injury. That is where chiropractic care comes in.

Chiropractic Care & Whiplash Injury

Chiropractic care can go a long way in providing long term relief to patients suffering from whiplash injury. The underlying whiplash injury is treated by chiropractic adjustments. These adjustments work by relieving pressure on the muscles and nerves, and by realigning the spine back to its original position. Other therapies such as corrective exercise are used along with chiropractic care to help the body bring back a full range of motion.

How a Chiropractor Helps

If a person has been a victim of a whiplash injury, they should consult with a chiropractor immediately to avoid long term damage. A persona suffering from chronic and acute pain can benefit from immediate chiropractic treatment. A chiropractor will be able to diagnose the issue in question, and formulate a custom treatment program which supports the natural healing process of your body.

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