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Surgeries are one of the scariest things we may have to undergo in our lives. Even the most routine surgeries can result in complications or infections and although this is much less common than it used to be, you still always hear horror stories from someone whose neighbor’s brother’s cousin’s friend had that surgery and something horrible happened.
Unfortunately there are still occurrences where either negligence or a legitimate accident occurs during an operation. Thankfully, these are extremely few and far between anymore. Now that we have health regulations and single use medical instruments everything is much more secure and sterile, so even infections which would have been common 20 or 30 years ago are almost never seen anymore.
Along with these incredible accomplishments, surgeries themselves have come a long way. They have been changed and perfected so that they don’t take as long and don’t leave incisions anywhere near as long as they used to be. Even the recovery time has been cut down on most procedures because the way they are completed are so much more straight forward and the trauma done to the body has been minimized.
Although there have been so many incredible breakthroughs when it comes to surgeries, there is still normally pain after the procedure. While pain killers are often used to mitigate this fact, sometimes the pain remains after the script runs out or you simply would prefer not to take them. Other times you need to return to work before the pain is gone and of course you cannot drive while under the influence of narcotics which do include many types of prescription pain medications.
This is where perhaps chiropractic care can come in. Of course you should ask your doctor and surgeon if you are cleared to receive care from a chiropractor, however if you are it is certainly something you should at least consider. Even if you have had surgery on an area that chiropractors do not deal with normally, you would be amazed to realize how much your body tenses and compensates for the pain which you are experiencing. A simple adjustment could help you relax and this in turn can help you heal even quicker due to an increase of blood flow to the rest of the body.
If you have recently had a surgery, come into Wirth Chiropractic and see if we can help relieve some of the pain you may still be feeling.

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