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The last article that you likely read was about how much sleep can benefit you while you are awake. The truth of that article is that we barely scratched the surface on how much you need sleep. Here are some more ways that sleep can help you lead a better life.
1. Reduce Inflammation. For anyone with a chronic disorder that deals with the joints, you know just how much it can hurt when you have a flair up. This is also true of temporary injuries that have swollen up. While asleep, blood can flow differently and the body is able to heal in a different way than it can while awake. In a similar way that sleep helps the body get over illnesses that are caused by germs, restorative sleep can also help the effects of chronic illness. By sleeping, you may be able to help your body deal with the symptoms of this kind of disorder.
2. Lose Weight. One of the biggest goals that people in general have is to lose weight. This may be for medical reasons, it may be for superficial reasons, or it may be to help boost self-esteem. A proper amount of sleep may be able to help your body break down food and digest better, which can in fact help you to lose weight. It has also been shown to help boost your metabolism which allows you to break down food faster so that the fatty deposits don’t settle into those problem areas that we all try so hard to make smaller.
3. Lower Stress. If you’ve ever had to go an extended period of time with little to no sleep, you know how stressed it can make you. The smallest things can aggravate you and everything gets to you in the wrong way much easier. By keeping to a regular sleep schedule, you can help to lower your stress levels and approach the world in a much healthier way.
If, for some reason, sleep is not something that seems to come easy to you there is another way to achieve at least two of these three things. That is a trip into Wirth Chiropractic. A spinal adjustment can help you to lower your stress levels and reduce the pain caused by inflammation of the joints. Come in and see how much better you feel after a visit!

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