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If you are suffering from back pain, you will try just about any treatment that promises to alleviate the pain. Back pain can result from numerous causes, such as muscle strain, sports injuries, and accidents. You can easily get your back pain treated through spinal manipulation.

Back Pain and Chiropractic Care

Wirth Chiropractic in Greenvile, NC use spinal manipulation along with other alternative treatments to align the musculoskeletal system and this helps the body heal itself without the need for medication or surgery.

The spinal manipulation can provide relief from pain if your connective tissue, bones, joints, or muscles are injured or damaged. It can be used in conjunction with conventional treatment.

Benefits and Risks of Chiropractic Care

Before the chiropractor decides your treatment plan, he will take note of your medical history and perform a medical examination. He may also use diagnostic imaging to decide whether chiropractic is the right treatment for your back pain.

Generally, chiropractic is considered safe and an effective treatment for back pain. If performed correctly, spinal manipulation can be quite effective in treating back pain and providing relief from the pain. It is a prudent option for people diagnosed with osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. The moderate pressure applied by the chiropractor can help alleviate the pain.

However, people suffering from inflammatory arthritis, spinal cord compression and osteoporosis should not opt for chiropractic care for their back pain. The treatment could aggravate their condition instead of making it better. Also, patients on blood thinning medication should avoid chiropractic care. Wirth Chiropractic also believe people with a history of cancer should first get the go ahead from their oncologist before pressing the button for chiropractic care.

It is crucial to remember chiropractic care for back pain is dependent on accurately diagnosing the cause of the pain. Hence, it is crucial to find a chiropractor who is properly qualified and trained to ask the right questions about your medical history, including the medical conditions you have, lifestyle habits, the medications you are taking and your surgical history, if any. If spinal manipulation is performed by unqualified chiropractor, it can worsen your condition.

A stellar and proven chiropractor will couple spinal manipulation with rehabilitation exercises and nutritional counseling to facilitate healing. The care will be focused on restoring function, preventing further injury and alleviating pain.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know the benefits and risks of opting for chiropractic care for your back pain, you can make an informed and educated decision. Be sure to check the credentials of the chiropractor before undergoing the treatment.

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