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This week we really focused on being around other people. Whether you are around family, friends, your neighbors, your children, your friend’s kids, or someone completely different, it is important that you get to know those around you. With the summer coming up, many of us will be spending more time outdoors and I don’t know about you but I always think that having someone to invite over and chat with outside is a nice option. This is especially true if you both have children, so that way the kids can get there energy out and you can talk to a grown up again. Both are truly wonderful feelings.
My main point this week is that many of us unfortunately spend more time at work or wrapped up in our own busy lives than anything else. While there is normally a very good reason for doing so, you need to reach out and have human contact as well. We are, by nature, social creatures. My guess is that if you are reading this blog, you’re likely not a hermit and you probably wouldn’t like to be. Sure, you might be an introvert but that doesn’t mean that you never want to be around people. Everyone gets lonely sometimes and having someone to talk to can really do wonders for you both.
Getting outside during the spring and summer is something that is so important to your health. It is always easier if there is someone else that will be willing to go outside with you and join you on whatever adventure you are taking that day, even if it’s just to your favorite tree at the park so that you can breathe in and relax a little after your super stressful work week. Being able to have a friend that you can unwind with is invaluable and I cannot say enough how good it is for you.
Here at Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville NC, we hope every one of you has a friend like that. We hope that you can pick up the phone and have someone with you whenever you need them, someone that is up for anything. Who knows, maybe you two can even come in to Wirth together and see how much you enjoy getting an adjustment. After all, if you’re both adventuring together, you should also stay healthy together.

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