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One of the worst things, in my opinion, about the summer is the heat. In the winter, we can always bundle up and burrow under a bunch of blankets. In the summer, however, there are only so many things that we can take off before it becomes publically indecent. Even in your own home it can be difficult if you don’t have working air conditioning. Here are a couple of things that you can do if you find yourself trying to beat the heat.
Stay Hydrated! The most important thing for you to do is keep yourself hydrated. This means lots and lots of water. Remember that things like soda and alcohol are not great to drink if you find yourself thirsty during the summer. Always increase your water intake during the heat to help keep yourself healthy.
Go Out. While this may seem counterproductive, going out may just be your best bet. This is because most buildings if you leave your home will have the air conditioning on. This means if you travel to your local mall, library, or other public building, you can get a bunch of different things done while keeping cool in the air. Heading out of your home may just be your best bet.
Fill Your Tub. This is one thing that I did a couple of weeks ago during a heat wave when I found out much too late that my air conditioner didn’t work. I filled the tub with water and sat in it for a while. I set up a small desk just outside of the tub with my laptop and stayed in the cool water for about a half an hour at a time. It helped to keep my body temperature down and reminded me of when I was a kid and would beg to stay in the bath for longer because I was having fun. Heat illnesses are no joke and we want you to remember that you do need to protect yourself from them. This is especially true if you are older, as you are naturally more susceptible to overheating easily. Also keep an eye on any children that may be in your care, as they don’t always know that something is wrong. Keep drinking water and then we can all complain when the weather gets too cold again!

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