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With the children going back to school, there are two main reactions. Either parents are worried about their babies or they are ecstatic to have some time to breathe and use the bathroom without the calls of “Mommy, look what I found outside!” or “Daddy, wanna see how many hot dogs I can eat at once?” There really is very little in between. Even those who don’t have children are either sad to see the kids back on those buses or extremely happy to be able to shop without the screaming and crying of a tantrum-throwing child haunting their ears as they walk back to get the milk they forgot the first time. For parents and teachers, however, there is an added thought at the back of each one’s mind.
When a child in your care gets hurt, it doesn’t much matter if it is biologically yours or not. Your automatic reaction is normally to try and comfort the tiny human and assess if there was any serious or potentially long lasting damage done. In most cases, the child just has a couple of cuts and scrapes. Skinned knees are a part of childhood after all. Other times, unfortunately, bones are broken, joints are pushed out of place, or muscles are pulled askew. While this is normally no one’s fault (and for the sake of this article, let’s say it isn’t), that doesn’t stop the pain from setting in and causing the child to deal with it in their own way. This may be trying to be tough about it or it may be to cry. Both are perfectly normal reactions, but the normal reaction of you is to want the poor thing out of pain as quickly as possible.
If there are no broken bones and once it has been noted that all joints are as they should be, one option you have is to bring your child to a chiropractor. Most chiropractors will work on children and some deal only with the little ones. After an injury, making sure that a child’s alignment is correct is always a good and safe course of action. Even if the child has not been injured, a chiropractic adjustment is a great way to help relieve stress levels of students. You may want one yourself as well for good measure.

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