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Q) Is Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC qualified to treat auto injuries?

A) Yes, in fact, a chiropractor is more qualified than a regular physician is, in treating musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries, which are quite common in auto accidents. The chiropractor is a medical professional who is licensed in this field of medicine, and can detect and treat whiplash injuries effectively. While whiplash is the most common injury in auto accidents, it can remain undetected, as the symptoms may not occur for several hours, days, or even months. Therefore, it becomes important to detect this type of injury immediately after the accident to avoid severe complications later.

Q) Is chiropractic treatment safe?

A) Chiropractic treatment is not only safe, but also highly effective in treating spinal misalignments and various types of soft tissue injuries. The chiropractor will perform gentle spinal adjustments manually, to correct the misalignment, and provide massage therapy to relieve pain and hasten the healing process. Chiropractic adjustments are very safe even on children and senior accident victims, when performed by licensed chiropractors at Wirth Chiropractic of Greenville, NC.

The treatment plan will also depend on the type and extent of auto injuries. The chiropractor may recommend several corrective exercises, multiple massage sessions, and even certain medications for managing the pain. If the auto injury is very severe, the chiropractor might also recommend a surgical procedure to expedite healing and prevent the condition from deteriorating further.

Q) Who will pay for the chiropractic treatment of my auto injuries?

A) Your insurance company or the insurance company of the party at fault for the accident is responsible for covering the cost of all types of treatments for your auto injuries, which includes chiropractic treatment as well. Consulting a chiropractor after an auto accident becomes even more important, as you need complete diagnostic evaluation of all your auto injuries, when you are claiming insurance benefits. The emergency room or your usual physician might send you home with a prescription of painkillers or analgesic medication, which does not reveal the true nature of your auto injuries.

Only a chiropractor will be able to conduct a thorough examination and provide a correct diagnosis of the musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries you have suffered. When you do not consult a chiropractor, your whiplash injury could remain undetected, as you may not experience any symptoms. By the time you start experiencing the symptoms, it could be too late to connect the symptoms to the auto accident, and the insurance company can refuse your claim. Therefore, you need to consult a chiropractor immediately after the accident to record the right diagnosis of all your auto injuries.

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