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An ankle sprain is a common injury in auto accidents and sports, as this joint bears the whole weight of the body and it can easily be inverted during an activity, strenuous or not. In most cases, the sprain is a minor injury, but it can turn into a major issue due to lack or improper treatment. The person can develop chronic pain and instability in the foot for life, if a sprain is not treated by a specialist like Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC.

After an inversion sprain, a person can suffer from chronic ankle pain due to:

      If the ankle is not immobilized appropriately immediately after the injury

      If the ankle is immobilized for too long

      The person is not prescribed correct strengthening and mobility exercises at the right time

      The person develops scar tissue due to improper treatment

All these factors can be avoided, if the person consults a chiropractor and follows the prescribed treatment plan.

Inversion sprains are not infrequent, and this usually affects the anterior talofibular ligament and sometimes the calcaneofibular ligament could be affected as well. The severity of the ankle injury will mainly depend on the force of the inversion, and a strong force can even tear the ligament or fracture small bones in the ankle. To avoid chronic issues, the best option would be to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, soon after the sprain occurs.

Freedom of movement curtailed

Once the problem becomes chronic, the treatment will be more complex and lengthy. This means that life as you know it will be undermined for even a longer period of time.

A chiropractor will give your ankle a thorough examination, and will order x-rays or scans to rule out ligament tears and fractures. Depending on the severity of sprain, customized chiropractic treatment will be formulated. You might be advised to ice therapy or hot water therapy and your ankle might be bandaged to immobilize the area.

The next stage of action

In most cases, after the first few days of treatment, the patient is prescribed certain non-weight bearing exercises. The patient is also advised to try to move the foot and ankle in normal motion ranges. This will reduce the chances of formation of scar tissue and weakening of the ligaments and muscles.

For cases of chronic ankle pain, Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC has a range of effective avenues to take. With the right diagnosis, chiropractic manipulations, and medications, chronic ankle pain can be treated largely and there are marvelous chances of a full recovery. However, do not enable ankle sprains to develop into chronic issues and this can be avoided by consulting a chiropractor immediately.

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