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While most of our dealings with questions happen in the office, we understand that sometimes people have concerns that they don’t bring to us directly. This may be from concern of offending us or from embarrassment of not already knowing the answer. While we are big believers in the idea that there are no stupid questions when it comes to your health, we understand these concerns. We have decided to answer some of the common questions, therefore, on here. This way there is no worries and when you come in, you’ll be an expert on what we do!
Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe? This is one of the most common questions we hear from people who are new to chiropractic treatment. Unfortunately, many people have heard horror stories about going to the chiropractor and are now convinced that we don’t know what we’re doing. I can assure you that this simply isn’t true. If chiropractic treatment was not safe, we would not be able to practice in the way that we do. We are doctors the same as any other medical professional and our main goal is helping you to feel better. While many people think that chiropractic care is “quack” medicine, the truth is we have a long and upstanding history to back our claims of success. Although we do not use medicine, injections, or surgery to help heal you, we do have our own methods that have proven to be just as useful as some other more mainstream forms of care. You can rest assured that everything we do is one hundred percent approved and safe.
How Old Do I Have To Be? For some reason, many people think that there is an age limit for who can receive chiropractic care. This may mean a minimum or maximum age, but the truth is there isn’t one. Anyone of any age can benefit from chiropractic services. Certain chiropractors even specialize in either children or the elderly. If you are concerned about your age, schedule a time to talk with your chiropractor and see what they say about your possible treatment.
There are always many questions that people ask when it comes to chiropractic care. We are thrilled that you want to know so much about your treatment! Come on into Wirth Chiropractic and see what we can answer for you in person!

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