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Ankle sprains are very common, and these injuries can become significant when they are not treated properly, and patients are likely to suffer from arthritis and loss of joint mobility down the road. Once the ankle is sprained, another common problem is more chances of its recurrence.

A Slippery Slope Unfortunately

Ankle sprains mainly occur while doing sports activities or when the person is involved in an auto accident. The main symptoms of a sprained ankle are pain and swelling, and they should not be ignored even if the sprain is minor. The best option would be to consult Wirth Chiropractor of Greenville, NC.

Most people consult their usual doctor when they suffer an ankle sprain. However, they do not realize that a simple ankle sprain can shift the healthy alignment of bones in the foot, which can cause severe problems later on. Only a chiropractor can detect and effectively treat these symptoms; whereas other doctors are not specialists in knowing biomechanics of joints and their health.

Proper Care

Wirth Chiropractor of Greenville, NC will perform thorough physical examination of your ankle, and test the range of motion of your ankle joint. He will then see if you have suffered serious injuries like fracture or torn ligaments by palpating the area and taking x-rays and scans. If it is indeed a sprained ankle, the chiropractor will prescribe a treatment plan depending on the severity of the sprain, and the level of swelling and pain.

For minor ankle sprains, rest and application of heat or ice is usually sufficient. In more severe cases, this can be used for bringing down the swelling initially, and then muscle stimulation and ultrasound treatments may be used for treating the sprain. While conducting initial examination and diagnosis, chiropractor Greenville, NC through manipulations and palpations of the joint, will detect if the bones in your foot have misaligned due to the sprain.

Remaking a Strong Ankle

Depending on the severity of the problem, chiropractor will prescribe a suitable treatment plan, which can include active and passive range of motion, and application of heat or ice. After the treatment has progressed and your pain and swelling have subsided considerably, the chiropractor will prescribe certain ankle stability and strengthening exercises that are critical for avoiding recurrence of sprains.

Wirth Chiropractor of Greenville, NC will also check if patients have dropped arches in their feet, as such people are more susceptible to ankle sprains. In such a case, he will prescribe foot support and orthotics for preventing sprains or at least mitigating those chances of any future ankle problems.

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