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In most car accidents, the victim suffers from whiplash auto injury, as the car would have been rear-ended. When another automobile hits your car from behind, your body will experience a sudden forward movement, but your neck and head will be thrown back. Even though this movement might not seem serious, it can cause severe pain in the neck, back, and in the head.

The condition is also quite serious, since the sudden movement could have caused tears in the neck muscles or created issues in the upper part of the spinal column. Painkillers prescribed by a regular doctor might provide some relief initially, but you need to get this condition diagnosed by Chiropractor Greenville, NC as soon as possible after the accident, to receive proper treatment and alter the condition from worsening.

Proper Treatment

A whiplash auto injury is not going to go away on its own in most cases, and you need the condition diagnosed correctly and get proper treatment from a qualified chiropractor Greenville, NC. Only a chiropractor will have the expertise to figure out the issue correctly and prescribe an appropriate treatment plan for managing pain and correcting the problem.

Starting Out Right

Each whiplash injury is different and therefore the treatment should be adjusted accordingly. First, the chiropractor will be thoroughly examining the accident victim, inquire about the different symptoms experienced by the patient, and might take x-rays to assess the auto injury in detail. Only when all this is done, the doctor will be able to formulate an effective treatment plan.

Depending on the type and extent of the whiplash injury, the chiropractor might opt for different techniques such as manual manipulation, stimulating the muscles with sonic waves or heat, and may also prescribe certain stretching and relaxation exercises. Chiropractor Greenville, NC will also recommend the activities that are to be avoided in the daily routine of the patient to quicken the healing process and for making sure the injury does not become worse.

Finding a fabulous Chiropractor Greenville, NC is not at all difficult. Many of your friends and family members will know of a genuine one, as soft tissue trauma and auto injuries are quite common, and they would have consulted a chiropractor before. Your regular physician or the lawyer who is going to file your injury claim will also know about an outstanding chiropractor in the Greenville, NC area.

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