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This week I want to talk about getting a balanced diet. Having a healthy eating plan is the first stepping stone to living longer and being able to enjoy it more. While staying active and exercising is an important part of your lifestyle, it is only one factor. Making sure that you eat correctly to support all of the progress you make while working out is just as important as anything else.
Naturally you know that I’m going to say you need to eat your fruits and vegetables. If you know it, then be sure to do it! Now that spring is starting, more fruits will be ready to harvest and therefore more affordable. Getting those five portions of each every day can sound difficult, but if you think about all of the times that you snack (or want to) and try replacing the food you normally eat with fruits, you’ll see that it’s much easier than you think!
Another thing that you should try in your quest to eat healthier is eating more fish. Many dieticians suggest at least two portions of fish each week, including one oily portion. This would include fish like fresh tuna, salmon, trout, and others. Fish is a great source of protein and the oily fish can help your omega-3 levels which has been shown to promote heart health. If you do start eating more fish, try to get as wide a variety as possible. Just be sure to be careful around canned fish as it can be extremely high in salt.
Another common tip that we hear about healthy eating is to cut down on sugar and fat. Saturated fat is the real culprit here, which can be found in things like hard cheese, cream, butter, and cakes. If you’re looking to cut sugars out of your diet, you should start by reducing your intake of soda, most fruit juices, alcohol, and even most breakfast cereals. Sugar can be sneaky, so always be sure to read the ingredients and nutrition facts on the back of your food.
If you want a more personal approach to your diet, come into Wirth Chiropractic for a specialized dietician plan. We can work with you to figure out what will best meet your needs while still promoting a healthy lifestyle. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel!

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